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Programme of the Workshop:

South-South linkages in Islam. Translocal agents, ideas, lifeworlds (19th and 20th centuries)

Centre for Modern Oriental Studies, Berlin,
in collaboration with the Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM) in Leiden,
5th and 6th November 2004



Ulrike Freitag 

  • South-South linkages and the concept of translocality
Session 1 | Translocal roots
Chair and discussant: Ulrike Freitag

Farish Noor 

Michael E. Gasper


Engseng Ho

Session 2 | Translocal reforms
Chair and discussant: Ziba Mir Hosseini

Bettina Dennerlein

Odile Moreau

Dyala Hamzah


Session 3 | Translocal debate
Chair and discussant: Gudrun Krämer

Lutz Rogler

Orhan Kologlu


Session 4 | Translocal construction of Muslim identity
Chair and discussant: Richard Tapper

Paulo G. Pinto 

Mara A. Leichtman

Eric Germain


Session 5 | Local appropriation of the translocal
Chair and discussant: Achim von Oppen

Dorothea E. Schulz

Jillali El-Adnani

Alexander Horstmann


Session 6 |Translocal activism and networking
Chair and discussant: Martin van Bruinessen

Dietrich Reetz 

Yoginder Sikand 

Noorhaidi Hasan 

Jeff Haynes


For further information, please contact one of the following workshop coordinators:
Dr. Bettina Dennerlein (bettina.dennerlein@rz-hu.berlin.de)
Dr. Dietrich Reetz (dreetz@rz.hu-berlin.de)

Dr. Bettina Dennerlein, Dyala Hamzah, Dr. Odile Moreau, Dr. Farish Noor, Dr. Dietrich Reetz, Lutz Rogler

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updated October 20, 2004