With a major contribution from Philip Sadgrove

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Introductory Notes

This website provides a chronology of nineteenth-century periodicals in Arabic.

Although it is meant to include all periodicals published in Arabic or in Arabic and in another language (like the usual pair of Arabic and Ottoman Turkish) or in Arabic written in a different script (like Judeo-Arabic) during the period from 1800 to 1900, this chronology is certainly incomplete. Furthermore, there remain numerous problems with dating and locating individual publications as well as identifying their owners, editors, or publishers. A common problem is that journals with different editors used the same title or the same editors published periodicals under different titles.

Thus, at the moment we consciously publish a working draft with the purpose of making our information available to the scholarly community. We welcome all readers to submit any comment, corrections, and new data via the email addresses provided in the "Submit comments" section. We would like to ask all contributors to always refer to the ID at the end of each row – in case of comments on existing entries – and cite their sources, as otherwise we cannot consider the submission for being included in the table. Every contribution will be acknowledged.

We chose to present the core data as a table containing information on titles, dates of first and last issue published, place(s) of publication, names of publishers and editors, language(s) of publication, and available collections. In addition, we provide various indexes of publishers and locations, as well as a bibliography of the most important secondary sources and available union catalogues. To search any part of the website, the browser's search function should be invoked (Ctrl-F for Windows, Cmd-F for Mac OSX). Please keep in mind that unicode symbols adhering to the IJMES transliteration must be used.

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While preparing the final version of this list, Adam Mestyan was a 2011/2012 EUME-Fellow at the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin. The Zentrum Moderner Orient, its director Ulrike Freitag and vice-director Sonja Hegasy, generously supported and hosted the online publication. Finally, all our thanks should go to those librarians who facilitated our research and to those future contributors who will enrich and correct our data.

I. Transliteration

Currently we provide transliterations only, following the IJMES-standard. At a future point, this site will be translated into Arabic. For this vision to become true, we welcome any suggestions of possible funding opportunities.

II. Period, time

The choice for a limited period was arbitrary and due to constrains in resources. We used the Gregorian calendar out of convenience. At a later point, we plan to insert the dates according to the calendars indicated by the mastheads of the respective periodical (Hijrī, Coptic, Rūmī, Armenian, Greek, Jewish etc.).

III. The definition of a periodical

A periodical here means a printed product that was established with the conscious aim to distribute it to the reading public on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). We did not make a distinction between newspaper (jarīda or ṣaḥīfa) and magazine (majalla), which were often both called simply jūrnāl during the period covered.

IV. Availability

We could not check all periodicals in the indicated collections. The authors of this list do not hold any responsibility for the actual holdings or the accessibility of the indicated copies.

V. Future

We will continuously update the data and await the valuable corrections of readers.

VI. Legend:

[+] = crosschecked with Hartmann

[+!] = only found in Hartmann and not in the Dār al-Kutub catalogue (Fihris al-dawriyyāt al-ʿArabiyya allatī taqtinī-hā al-Dār).

ʿAbd = Ibrāhīm ʿAbduh, Taṭawwur al-ṣiḥāfa al-Miṣriyya: 1798–1981 (Cairo: Muʾassasat Sijill al-ʿArab, 1982)

Fak = Rouchdi Fakkar, L’Influence française sur la formation de la presse litteraire en Egypte au XIX siècle (Paris, 1973).

S = Sadgrove’s data (his contribution, based on his own research)

Ṭ = Ṭarrāzī’s data (from his book)

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