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Thursday, 2 August, 2018

No. 34, July 2018
Orient Bulletin: Africa's Futures
History, Society and Culture in Asia, the Middle East and Africa

ZMO Orient Bulletin No. 34 is now online. Katrin Bromber, head of the research area Progress: Ideas, Agents, Symbols starts with some reflections on the current obsession with Africa´s futures. Judith Scheele, Alexander von Humboldt fellow at ZMO, introduces her research topic on region formation in the Sahara. In an extended activities section there are several reports on conferences and workshops held at ZMO during the last months as well as a text on an Algerian film festival "The Past in the Present - New Films from Algeria" in May 2018. Besides news on people, projects and publications ZMO library informs about the archiving of a research collection on Africa and particularly Togo. Take a read!

Tenders & Calls

ZMO Call for Student Assistants
Call for Applications, Deadline: 15 August 2018

Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO) offers posts for student assistants to support the research fields Politics of Resources and Trajectories of Lives and Knowledge starting from September or October 2018.

ZMO Visiting Research Fellowships 2019
Call for Applications, Deadline: 17 August 2018

Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO) in Berlin, Germany, is inviting applications for Visiting Research Fellowships for the calendar year of 2019. The centre seeks to attract outstanding postdoctoral scholars who are engaged in projects relevant to ZMO’s research profile.

The call is open to senior researchers and recent postdocs in the humanities and the social sciences. We particularly encourage applications by candidates from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Scholars currently based in Germany are not eligible to apply.

Prizes & Awards

Prize for Good Teaching for ZMO fellow Jeanine Dağyeli

Jeanine Dağyeli and her colleague Manja Stephan Emmrich of the Department of Asian and African Studies of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin were awarded the  "Fakultätspreis für gute Lehre der Kultur-, Sozial und Bildungswissenchaftlichen Fakultät" for their class  on Materialität und Wissen: Anthropologische Zugänge zur moralischen und religiösen Welt der Dinge.


New Publications

Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient
Annual Report on the research year 2017

   Published by Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient, July 2018.

   Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient is proud to announce the publication of the 
   Annual Report 2017. The volume contains two research essays by Nazan
   Maksudyan and Joseph-Désiré Som I, as well as reports on the development in
   ZMO's research fields, knowledge transfer and related matters.


Heike Liebau
A Voice Recording, a Portrait Photo and Three Drawings: Tracing the Life of a Colonial Soldier

   In ZMO Working Papers, no. 20, 2018, pp. 14.

Ulrike Freitag
State-Society Relations through the Lens of Urban Development

In Middle Eastern and North African Societies in the Interwar Period, ed. by Kate Fleet and Ebru Boyar, BRILL, 2018, pp. 27-53.

Sonja Hegasy
Die Bedeutung von Geschichtsbildern und Geschichtswissenschaft in Gesellschaften der arabischen Welt von heute

In VHD Journal Themenheft: Geschichte - Politik - Gesellschaft. Wie politisch ist Erinnerung, Juli 2018, pp. 23-27.

Bachir Kanouté & Joseph-Désiré Som I
Participatory Budgeting in Africa: A Kaleidoscope tool for good governance and local democracy

In Hope for Democracy, 30 Years of Participatory Budgeting Worldwide, ed. by Nelson Dias, Epopeia Records, 2018, pp. 77-88.

Nora Lafi
Organizing Coexistence in Early Ottoman Aleppo: an Interpretation of the 1518, 1526 and 1536 Tahrîr Defteris and the 1536 Qanunname 

In Human Mobility and Multiethnic Coexistence in Middle Eastern Urban Societies 2, ed. by Hidemitsu Kuroki, ILCAA Tokyo, 2018, p. 103-120.

Nitin Sinha
The Idea of Home in a World of Circulation: Steam, Women and Migration through Bhojpuri Folksongs

In International Review of Social History, Open Access, 23 July 2018.

Nora Lafi
Review on Tehran. Life within Walls. A City, its Territory and Forms of Dwelling by H. Khosravi

In Planning Perspectives, Vol. 33, Issue 3, 2018.

Who's talking? - ZMO in the Media

Samuli Schielke
Es geht nicht um Hass

ZMO fellow Samuli Schielke published a critical reply to Susanne Schröter's statements on sexual harassment and violence among young men from the Middle East. Zenith, 18 July 2018

With Inana Othman
Wie hälst du es mit Assad?

ZMO fellow Inana Othman provided expert knowledge on political discourse among Syrian refugees in  Germany in an article by Souad Abbad. DIE ZEIT, 21 July 2018.  

With Samuli Schielke
Egypt's milennials turn to Sufism

Samuli Schielke talked to Yasmin El-Beih about the current Sufi revival among young Egyptians. Al-Monitor, 11 July 2018.

With Patrick Schukalla
Das Märchen vom Ende der Atomkraft

In her radio podcast on nuclear phase-out Julia Tieke relies on ZMO fellow Patrick Schukalla's doctoral project for expertise. Deutschlandfunk Kultur, 5 July 2018.

Peter Wien
There is no tradition of anti-Semitism in Islam

Peter Wien's article about the European roots of antisemitism in the Arab World is now also available in English. Qantara, 25 May 2018.

ZMO News
Zehn Jahre Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies

Ten-years jubilee of the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies. Focus, 13 June 2018.

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