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13th ALFILM Arab Film Festival Berlin


From 20 - 24 April 2022, the Arab Film Festival Berlin is taking place again. It presents more than 44 feature fiction, documentary and short films from Somalia to Morocco, from Yemen to Palestine. Whether cinematic gems, political dramas, social satire, or thrillers, from chronicles, be it fictional or documentary, to love stories – every film lover will find something. ZMO is one of the festival's partners.

Two of our ZMO colleagues will participate as moderators in film talks:
Norman Saadi Nikro for the film
Miguel’s War
& Veronica Ferreri for the film
Terra Incognita

More infos on tickets and venues can be found here.


25 April 2022, 4 pm, virtual event
Human Rights and Democracy in Class and Identity Politics
Lecture by Zehra F. Kabasakal Arat (University of Connecticut) as part of The Historicity of Democracy Seminar.


Liberal democracies are continuously challenged and increasingly in danger. Instability of democracy has been typically associated with developing countries, since many democratic systems established in the 1950s and 1960s in newly independent states gave way to military coups and other authoritarian take overs. The 1990s’ euphoria about Eastern Bloc countries’ transition to democracy progressively turned into disappointments. Now, we see democratic principles and institutions are threatened even in “established democracies.” This talk examines the decline of democracies in the Cold War and post-Cold War periods, which can be considered as dominated by class and identity politics, respectively. Noting the close relationship between human rights and democracy, it presents a human rights theory of democracy that explains the decline of democracy by the gap between different types of human rights.
The online seminar is free and open to the public upon registration:

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28 April 2022, 5 pm, virtual event
An Impossible Promise? Sociology of Religion in Arab Countries
Lecture by Florian Zemmin (Freie Universität Berlin) as part of the ZMO Colloquium


Many Arab sociologists have been criticising the rather weak establishment of sociology in their countries. This concerns structural issues, especially political constraints for research and the underfunding of universities, but also theoretical issues, not least the Eurocentric formation and workings of sociology. Both structural and theoretical issues are especially pronounced when it comes to sociology of religion: to position religion as an object of sociological study faces political constraints and societal scepticism, also due to its representing a secular, supposedly particularly European perspective on religion. That being said, sociological approaches to religion in Arabic do have a longer history and feature more widely than is often assumed. This talk will provide glimpses into the history and presence of these approaches and their characteristics, addressing both structural and theoretical questions.
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Tenders & Calls

Call for Papers:
Seeking Justice. Ideas and Practices from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East

Conference at ZMO from 30 November to 2 December 2022.
Deadline for abstracts Extended to 15 April 2022.


Call for Proposals:
‘Timely Histories’ Conference organised by ZMO and CSDS

Conference at CSDS in New Delhi from 12 to 14 October 2022.
Deadline for abstracts: 15 May 2022.


ZMO in the media

Baba Padmanji: Vernacular Christianity in Colonial India


Podcast with Deepra Dandekar.

New Books Network,  24 March 2022. 






Blog contributions

Global South Scholars in the Western Academy: Harnessing Unique Experiences, Knowledges, and Positionality in the Third Space

Article by Staci B. Martin and Deepra Dandekar (ZMO).

TRAFO – Blog for Transregional Research,  24 March 2022. 


Accessing Colonial Sound Archives: For a Plurality of Interpretations.

Article by Irene Hilden, Jasmin Mahazi (ZMO) and Mèhèza Kalibani.

Sammeln. Der Kosmos wissenschaftlicher Objekte,  1 December 2021.


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