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Islam in the Public Sphere: Religious Groups in India 1900-1947. Oxford University Press 2006. Hg.: Islam in Europa: Religiöses Leben heute. Münster: Waxmann, 2010. Hg.: Sendungsbewußtsein oder Eigennutz: Zu Motivation und Selbstverständnis islamischer Mobilisierung. Berlin: Das Arabische Buch, 2001.


Privatdozent Dr. Dietrich Reetz is senior research fellow at the Zentrum Moderner Orient and external faculty member of political science at the Free University Berlin. The focus of his research is on global Muslim identities with special emphasis on South, Southeast and Central Asia, as well as Europe.

He is a Principle Investigator (PI) for Political Science / South Asia at the Graduate School of Muslim Cultures and Societies at Free University Berlin since 2008.

Since 2011, he is academic adviser of the World Economic Forum, Davos, for South Asia, attending the Global Agenda Council on Pakistan (2011-2014) and India Economic Summits.

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Competence Network Crossroads Asia 2011-16 (PI for ZMO, BMBF Research Grant)
(Joint project of ZMO, Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Universities of Bonn,  Munich and Bonn International Center for Conversion (BICC); representing ZMO, member of executive board):
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In and out of South and Central Asia: Transnational Community-Building in Religious and Ethnic Networks (Two case studies, jointly with Aksana Ismailbekova)
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Muslims in Europe 2006-09/10 (PI, Co-ordinator and Speaker, BMBF Research Grant):
Muslims in Europe and their countries of origin in Asia and Africa: lived religion, its diversity and consequences under different conditions. (Seven case studies, jointly with Universities of Frankfurt/Oder, Hamburg and Halle)
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> Strategies of demarcation and adaptation: Islamic groups from South Asia in the European diaspora: the Tablīghī Jamā`at and the Da`wat-i Islāmī. (Case studies: together with Thomas Gugler)
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DFG Research Grant
Bridging the gap: Blending Islamic and secular education in new school projects in India and Pakistan. (2006-07, supervision)
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DFG Research Grant
The Role of South Asian Islam in the Islamic World: the Dār al-`ulūm Deoband (India)  and the International Islamic University Islamabad (Pakistan). (2004-05)
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DFG Research Grant
The Force of Moral Conviction - the Islamic Missionary Movement of the Tablighi Jama`at in India and Pakistan and Its Vision of Society. (2001-03)
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DFG Research Grant
Allah's Kingdom on Earth: The Political Project of Islamic Groups in Colonial India (1900-1947). (1996-2000)
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FU Berlin FB Politik- und Sozialwissenschaften
  AufzählungSoSe 16: Alternate Globalities? Muslim networks from South Asia as global actors  
  AufzählungPrevious seminars at Free University Berlin  


HU Berlin, Seminar für Geschichte und Gesellschaft Südasiens, SS 2007 (Visiting Professor)
AufzählungVorlesung "Südasien in der Globalisierung: Geschichte, Kultur, Religion"  
AufzählungVorlesung "Religion und politische Öffentlichkeit in Südasien: Erfahrungen vor und nach der Unabhängigkeit"
AufzählungHauptseminare "Alternative Entwürfe für die Unabhängigkeit"
       (1) "Die ethno-religiösen Regionalbewegungen der Pakhtunen, Sikhs und Tamilen vor 1947"  
       (2) "Die islamischen Bewegungen der Religionsschulen und Sekten vor 1947"


  AufzählungSouth-South linkages in Islam. Translocal agents, ideas, lifeworlds. 5-6 November 2004, at ZMO. Papers published in:
Dietrich Reetz/Bettina Dennerlin (eds), South-South linkages in Islam. In: Contemporary Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Durham: Duke University Press, vol. 27, no. 1, 2007.

AufzählungModern adaptations of Sufi-based popular Islam: Concepts, practices and movements in a translocal perspective, 4-5 April 2003. Papers published in:
Ahmed Chanfi (guest editor), Réveils du soufisme en Afrique et en Asie. Translocalité, prosélytisme et réforme. (Revival of Sufism in Africa and Asia: translocality, proselytization and reform). Archives de sciences sociales des religions, Paris, vol. 51 (2006), no. 135


AufzählungIslamic Movements in Politics, 15 October 1999 (in German). Papers published in:
Dietrich Reetz (ed.), Sendungsbewußtsein oder Eigennutz: Zu Motivation und Selbstverständnis islamischer Mobilisierung (Sense of mission or self-interest: On motivation and self-definition in Islamic mobilisation). (Studien / Zentrum Moderner Orient; Nr. 15) Berlin: Das Arabische Buch, 2001, pp. 248. (with a summary in English; Distributor: Klaus-Schwarz-Verlag)


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