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The Centre's research programme currently comprises seven interdisciplinary projects, with twenty researchers working on different historical and cultural aspects of the "Modern Orient" since the 18th century. They explore the translocal movements of people, goods, symbols and ideas between the areas of the non-Western world and to Europe.

Indian Ocean – Transformation of a Seascape

Dr. Katrin Bromber

Translocality in the Sahel-Sahara Region

Dr. Britta Frede
Dr. Baz Lecocq
Dr. Laurence Marfaing

Migration and urban institutions in the late Ottoman Reform Period

Dr. Nora Lafi
Dr. Florian Riedler
Dr. Malte Fuhrmann
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Freitag

World wars and world views. Arabic and Indian experiences of the World Wars between local interpretations and propaganda

Dr. Katharina Lange
Dr. Ravi Ahuja
Dr. Heike Liebau

Army reform and elite movements between the Maghreb and the Near East (1830 to 1912)

Dyala Hamzah

Urban Youth Cultures in West Africa: Processes of Translocal Appropriation

Dr. Elisabeth Boesen
Dr. Marloes Janson

On the secularisation of Islamic institutions. Local projects and translocal effects in the Islamic world

Dr. Saeed Ur Rehman
Dr. Farish Noor
S. M. Faizan Ahmed

Islamic mission in the multi-religious context of East Africa

Dr. Chanfi Ahmed
PD Dr. Achim von Oppen
Tabea Scharrer (associated)

Sharî'a, universality, and pluralism: translocal dimensions of legal culture and normativity.

Lutz Rogler
Birgit Krawietz

The Emergence of New Translocal Labor Markets in Algeria

Dalila Nadi

Plural concepts of time in (trans)local contexts

Roman Loimeier
Hassan Mwakimako

Shifting the meaning: Muslim discourses of reform and everyday life in postcolonial Mombasa

Kai Kresse