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Dr Sophia Hoffmann

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Dr Sophia Hoffmann is a political scientist focused on the international relations of the Middle East. Her current research project "Learning Intelligence: the Exchange of Secret Service Knowledge between Germany and the Arab Middle East" focuses on the role that intelligence agencies play for modern statehood. Previously, she spent ten years studying migration and humanitarian aid in Syria and its neighbouring states. Her book Iraqi Migrants in Syria: The Crisis before the Storm, published in 2016 by Syracuse University Press, draws on several years of ethnographic research in Damascus.

Sophia holds a PhD from SOAS, London and previous degrees from the LSE and the University of Sussex.

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Hoffmann, Sophia (2016) Iraqi Migrants in Syria: The Crisis before the Storm, Contemporary Issues in the Middle East, Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, Download PDF, Link.

Articles (peer-reviewed)

Hoffmann, Sophia (2017) Die politische Gegen-Topographie internationaler Migration. Berliner Debatte Initial 2017 (4).

Hoffmann, Sophia und Koddenbrock, Kai (2017) There is no alternative: Der Aufstieg der humanitären Hilfe in der internationalen Politik, 5(1) Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung, Heft 1

Hoffmann, Sophia and Samuk, Sahizer (2016) Turkish immigration politics and the Syrian refugee crisis. Berlin: Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik.

Hoffmann, Sophia (2016) Humanitarian security in Jordan’s Azraq Camp, in: Security Dialogue, 48 (2), 97-112.

Hoffmann, Sophia; Natanel, Katherine (2016) The National Body in Syria and Israel: Comparing Processes of Unity and Fragmentation, in: Middle East Critique, Download PDF, Link.

Hoffmann, Sophia (2015) International Humanitarian Agencies and Iraqi Migration in pre-conflict Syria, in: International Journal of Middle East Studies, 48 (02), S. 339 - 355, Download PDF, Link.

Hoffmann, Sophia (2015) Wen schützen Flüchtlingslager? ‘Care and Control’ im jordanischen Lager Azraq, in: Peripherie, 138/139, Link.

Hoffmann, Sophia (2013) The Humanitarian Regime of Sovereignty: INGOs and Iraqi Migration to Syria 28.1, Spring 2012, in: Refuge, 28 (1), 01.05.2012, Link.

Book chapters

Hoffmann, Sophia (2015) Humanitarian sovereignty: The management of refugees as nation-state politics, in: Antonio de Lauri (Hg.), The Politics of Humanitarianism. The Politics of Humanitarianism, London: I.B. Tauris.

Working Papers and Reports

Hoffmann, Sophia (2019) Why is there no IR scholarship on intelligence agencies? Some ideas for a new approach. ZMO Working Papers, 23.

Hoffmann, Sophia (2010) Sovereignty in the Lives of Iraqis in Damascus , Council for British Research in the Levant.

Hoffmann, Sophia (2007) al-Khalidi, A, Hoffmann, S. and Victor Tanner. Iraqi Refugees in the Syrian Arab Republic: A Field-Based Snapshot, Brookings-Bern Project on Internal Displacement, DC: Brookings Institution., Brookings Institution.

Book reviews

Hoffmann, Sophia (2018)  Review of: Lisa Blaydes, State of Repression: Iraq under Saddam Hussein (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2018). 376 pp. $35.00 (hb). ISBN: 978-1-4008-9032-3. In: Journal of Perpetrator Research 2.1..

Hoffmann, Sophia (2014)  Al-Ali N. and Al-Najjar, D.; Syracuse University Press (Hg.); 2012, Book review: Al-Ali N. and Al-Najjar, D. 2012. We are Iraqis: Aesthetics and Politics in a Time of War. , in: Review of MiddleEastern Studies, 47 (2).

Hoffmann, Sophia (2012) Graeber, D.; 2011, Book review: Graeber, D. 2011. Debt The first 5000 Years. London: Melville House, Polyvocia, SOAS Journal of Graduate Research No 4, in: Polyvocia, SOAS Journal of Graduate Research, 2012 (4), Link.

Hoffmann, Sophia (2011) Kern, Karen; Syracuse University Press (Hg.); 2011, Imperial Citizen: Marriage and Citizenship in the Ottoman Frontier Provinces of Iraq. , in: Review of Middle Eastern Studies, 46 (2).

Other media

Hoffmann, Sophia (2018) Refugee Rights Hit the Wall, Middle East Report and Information Project (MERIP) 48 (286)

Hoffmann, Sophia (2014) Die Schutzflehenden: Binnenflüchtlinge im Irak, in: Zenith Online, 07.04.2001, Link.

Hoffmann, Sophia (2014) Nowhere to turn for Mosul's Refugees, in: Middle East Report Blog, 07.04.2001, Link.

Hoffmann, Sophia und Karadag, Roy (2014) Welche Ordnung schafft IS?, in: Zenith Online, 14.11.2014, Link.

Hoffmann, Sophia (2013) Does Chemical Weapons Use by the Syrian Government present a Watershed?, in: E-International Relations, Link.