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The Crossroads Asia competence network is an interdisciplinary research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) for the period 2011-2014. It is coordinated at the Center for Development Research (ZEF) of Bonn University. Other major participants include the Institute for Oriental and Asia Studies (IOA) of Bonn University, the Central Asian Studies Department of Humboldt University Berlin, the Center for Research about Developing Countries (ZELF) at Free University Berlin and ZMO. The project will study, over the next four years, the interaction between social configurations and mobility in and between the neighbouring regions of South and Central Asia. Through dedicated working groups, the terms ‘conflict’, ‘migration/mobility’ and ‘development’ will help to analyse and understand the overlap, contrast and comparison between those regions, in which the ideas of ’mobility’ and ‘figurations’ work as cross-cutting categories that relate flows and movements with reorganizations and changes in this whole constellation that is Crossroads Asia. 
ZMO’s participation in the network relates to the working groups of conflict and migration/mobility, with two individual work packages in each of them. Besides, PD Dr. Reetz is co-chairing the migration/mobility working group. The ZMO contribution strengthens research on the southern and eastern sections of the Crossroads.  Concepts of borders and identity issues, patterns and networks of social and spatial mobility and as well as local dynamics that interact at a larger level constitute the main reference point of ZMO fellows’ research.

- Just Boedeker
- Dr. Antía Mato Bouzas
- PD Dr. Dietrich Reetz
- Aksana Ismailbekova

Lecture Series:
Beyond Oil and Radical Islam: From Classifications to Links of Economy and Religion in Central Asia PDFLogo