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Die Reihe ZMO Working Papers reflektieren Entwicklungen und Diskussionen aus den Forschungsprojekten des ZMO. Die Texte sind in der Regel empirisch angelegt mit regionalem Fokus und können auch Zwischenergebnisse präsentieren. Die ZMO Working Papers unterliegen einem Begutachtungsprozess und werden online auf der ZMO-Website publiziert.


Norman Saadi Nikro

No. 13: Screening memory: violence and trauma in De Gaulle Eid´s Chou Sar?
(2015) PdfLogo


Sonja Hegasy

No. 12: Boukhari and Shaftari – »Memory-confessions« of two Arab perpetrators (2014) PdfLogo


Samuli Schielke

No. 11: There will be blood. Expecting violence in Egypt, 2011-2013 (2014) PdfLogo


Tilo Grätz

No. 10: The »frontier« revisited: gold mining camps and mining communities in West Africa (2013) PdfLogo


D. Parthasaraty

No. 9: Global flows or rural-urban connections? Temporality, public spaces and heterotopias in globalising Mumbai (2013) PdfLogo


Dietrich Reetz

No. 8: Travelling Islam – Madrasa Graduates from India and Pakistan in the Malay Archipelago (2013) PdfLogo

Makram Rabah

No. 7: The War of the Mountains in Lebanon 1982–1984: Oral History and Collective Memory (2013) PdfLogo

Nils Riecken

No.6: Periodization and the political: Abdallah Laroui's analysis of temporalities in a postcolonial context (2012) PdfLogo

Kai Kresse, Edward Simpson

No. 5: Between Africa and India: thinking comparatively across the western Indian Ocean (2011) PdfLogo

Michael Lambek

No. 4: Reflections on hermeneutics and translocality (2011) PdfLogo

Norman Saadi Nikro

No. 3: Disrupting dismemory: the memoir of Jean Said Makdisi (2011) PdfLogo

Samuli Schielke

No. 2: Second thoughts about the anthropology of Islam, or how to make sense of grand schemes in everyday life (2010) PdfLogo


Annemarie Hafner

No. 1: Petra Heidrich's research work in the context of the development of South Asian Studies at the ZMO (1992-2000) (2010) PdfLogo