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1 December 2019, Tate Modern, Blavatnik Building, London

The Future is Near

A night of art and activism exploring climate justice and environmental racism. The event features a screening of the documentaries Lok Sath and Waseb, two documentaries by ZMO fellow Ali Nobil Ahmad.


22 November 2019, Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi, India

Book Launch: Servants Pasts, Volumes 1 and 2

Book Launch with Nitin Sinha.


18-23 November 2019, Lasdel, Niamey, Niger

From Senegal to Nigeria: The Modernity of Islam in West Africa. Practices, Influences and Trajectories

Workshop organized by Abdoulaye Sounaye (ZMO), André Chappatte (ZMO), Mahaman Tijani Alou (Lasdel and Abdou Moumouni University) and Abdoua El-Haj Dagobi (Lasdel and Abdou Moumouni University).


13 November 2019, Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CEMIS), Universität Göttingen

The politics of space and belonging in the Kashmir borderland

Lecture by Antía Mato Bouzas.


12 November 2019, Stuart Hall Library, London

Research Network Reading Group: Screen Ecologies

Reading Group with Michael Hjorth, Ali Nobil Ahmad (ZMO) and others.


23 October 2019, Chelsea College of Arts

Research Network: Film and Political Ecology in the South

Lecture by Ali Nobil Ahmad (ZMO) and Dr. Nicole Wolfe (Goldsmiths College).


25-30 September 2019, Kiel

Multiple Neoliberalismen? Relationale Ansätze, Macht und die 'Kommodifizierung von Natur'

Lecture by Juliane Schumacher as part of the German Congress for Geography (DKG).


14 September 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria

Remembering as Part of Conflict Resolution: Advances and Setbacks of the Memory-Boom

Lecture by Sonja Hegasy as part of the Pan-European Conference on International Relations.


13 November 2019, Abramson Family Founder's Room, American University, Washington D. C.

Civility in the Arab City: Seeking Equity in Tolerance in a Time of War, Migration, and Globalization

Colloquium with Hani M.S. Farsi, Yasser Elsheshtawy, Ulrike Freitag (ZMO) and Diane Singerman.


3 July 2019, Museum für Kommunikation, Nürnberg

Afrika und die Mondlandung: Pressestimmen und Erinnerungen

Lecture by Katrin Bromber.


16-18 June 2019, Berlin

Critical Geography and New Materialism

Workshop organized by Juliane Schumacher.


6-8 June 2019, Kiel

Narratives of Contestation and Cooptation: REDD+ in the Southern Mediterranean

Lecture by Juliane Schumacher as part of the Enjust Nework for Environmental Justice's Workshop Narratives and Practices of Environmental Justice.


28 May 2019, Minerva University of Turku, Finland

Whatever Happened to Our Model Student? Germany and the Rise of "Anti-Remembrance" Voices

Lecture by Sonja Hegasy as part of the conference Remembrance, Trauma Transmission & Experiential Learning.


22-24 May 2019, University of Cologne

Rurality and Future-Making. Comparative Perspectives from Europe, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean

Conference with Judith Scheele and Katharina Lange.


23 May 2019, Volkshochschule Bonn

Die Wälder im Maghreb

Lecture by Juliane Schumacher.


23 May 2019, London School of Economics

State-like and state-dislike in the anthropological margins

Malinowski Memorial Lecture by Judith Scheele (Alexander von Humboldt
Fellow at Leibniz-Zentrum Moderner Orient).


22 May 2019, University of Florida, Department of Religion

World Making from the “Margins”: Muslim Global Actors from South Asia

Keynote Lecture by Dietrich Reetz at the symposium Lived Islam in Africa.


21 May 2019, Barenboim-Said Akademie Berlin

An Introduction to 'Orientalism' by Edward Said

Lecture by Sonja Hegasy.


13 May 2019, Barenboim-Said Akademie Berlin

An Introduction to Post-Colonial Thought

Lecture by Sonja Hegasy.


6 May 2019, Urania Berlin

Kosmopolitismus jenseits Europas. Eine muslimische Perspektive

Lecture by Ulrike Freitag.


25-28 April 2019, University of Lodz

Workshop: "Liminal Spaces: Methods and Concepts"

Organized by Sarah Jurkiewicz for the project Spaces of Participation: Topographies of Political and Social Change in Morocco, Egypt and Palestine


23 April 2019, Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz

Stalling and Speculating: West African Traders in the Angolan Crisis

Lecture by Paolo Gaibazzi.


15-16 April 2019, University of Nottingham

Annual Conference of the British Association for Islamic Studies (BRAIS)

The panel 'Contemporary Muslim Societies in the Middle East and Asia' will be chaired by Dietrich Reetz.


28-29 March 2019, EHESS, Paris

Central Asian Studies Inside Out. Challenging Grand Narratives.

Workshop with Kyara Klausmann and Florian Coppenrath.


28 March 2019, Leuven University Belgium

Tablighi Jamaat

Lecture by Dietrich Reetz.


28 March 2019, 7.30 pm, PSL, Salle du conseil, 60 rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris

Promoting Central Asia

Public Panel Discussion in cooperation with ZMO and HU Berlin.


14 March 2019, NIMAR-University of Leiden and Mohammed V University, Rabat 

Gender and Archival activism in the Middle East. Ephemeral or Regional Phenomenon? 

Lecture by Sonja Hegasy as part of the International Workshop Archive and Gender: Views from the Maghreb.


14 March 2019, Orient-Institut Beirut

Learning Intelligence: The Exchange of Secret Service Knowledge between East Germany and the Arab Middle East, 1960-1989

Lecture by Sophia Hoffmann.


12 March 2019, Tufts University, Massachusetts

Tasharrud as a State of Permanent Loss

Lecture by Veronica Ferreri.


11 March 2019, University of Manchester

A Day at Night: Dialogues between darkness and light in Odienné, a provincial town of northern Ivory Coast

Film screening and discussion with André Chappate.


10 March 2019, Princeton University, USA

Socialist Youth in the Soviet South: Between Mass Mobilization, Nationalism, and the Outside World

Lecture by Stefan B. Kirmse as part of the workshop “From Totalitarian to Authoritarian Rule: Comparing Dictatorships in Transition”.


5 March 2019, University of Bologna, Italy

Le Caillou, the maquis of [Christian] civil servants in the Muslim town of Odienné

Lecture by André Chappatte as part of the European Academy of Religion Annual Conference 2019.


3 March, French Centre for Archeology and Social Sciences, Dasman, Kuwait

From the Karakoram Mountains to the Gulf: Migration and development networks between north-eastern Pakistan and Kuwait

Lecture by Antía Mato Bouzas.


27 February 2019, SOAS University of London, UK

A Day at Night: Dialogues between darkness and light in Odienné, a provincial town of nothern Ivory Coast

Film screening with director André Chappatte.


20 February 2019, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Göttingen

Reflecting on Post-Imperial and Post-Colonial Legacies: the 2015 Berlin 'Refugee Crisis' as a mirror of the history of the Middle East

Lecture by Nora Lafi.


14 February 2019, Venice, Italy

In Search of New Research Paths: Considerations on Arabic and Ottoman Documents in Venice State Archives

Lecture by Nora Lafi as part of the 7th International Congress: Venice and its Stato da mar.


8 February 2019, Katholische Akademie Berlin

Die Wahrheitskommission in Marokko

Lecture by Sonja Hegasy.