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Lecture Series

Programme winter term 2009/10 PDFLogo
Programme winter term 2010/11

“Agency” Reconsidered: Between Life Worlds and World Order

Thursday, 30 September 2010, 6 pm, ZMO

Her Own Will and Consent: A Strange Route to Women's Rights in 19th Century India PDFLogo

Lecture by Prof. Tanika Sarkar (Delhi University/ ZMO visiting Fellow)


Thursday, 28 October 2010, 6 pm, ZMO

Strategy versus Structure? Corporate Labour Utilisation, the Regulation of Reproduction and the (Mis-)Interpretation of „Agency“ in Indo-German Software Programming PDFLogo

Lecture by Nicole Meyer-Ahuja (Soziologisches Forschungsinstitut Göttingen / Forschungskolleg Arbeit und Alter, Berlin)


Thursday, 25 November 2010, 6 pm, ZMO

Cultivating a Complex Character PDFLogo

Lecture by Magnus Marsden (SOAS, London) and Samuli Schielke (ZMO)


Thursday, 27 January 2011, 6 pm, ZMO

Person, Individuum, Agency, Akteur - methodische und regionale Facetten in der Ethnologie PDFLogo

Lecture by Thomas Zitelmann (Universität Luzern / FU Berlin)


Thursday, 24 February 2011, 6 pm, ZMO

Akteur und Markt, Subjekt und Ordnung in der ökonomischen Theorie

Lecture by Walter Ötsch (Johannes Kepler Universität Linz)


Thursday, 24 March 2011, 6 pm, ZMO

„Mit Herero-Worten Herero-Dinge tun. Möglichkeiten und Grenzen ethnographischer Gesprächsanalyse.“

Lecture by Rose Marie Beck (Leipzig)


New Perspectives on Gender and Globalization

Thursday, 24 June 2010, 6 pm, ZMO

Rethinking (the Absence of) Fascism in India, c. 1922 - 1945 PDFLogo

Lecture by Dr. Benjamin Zachariah (ZMO)


Thursday, 17 June 2010, 6 pm

Young Women‘s Urban Lifestyles in Riyadh: Between National Reform and Global Dynamics PDFLogo

Lecture by Dr. Amélie Le Renard, Graduate School of Muslim Cultures and Societies, Freie Universität, Berlin


Thursday, 27 May 2010, 6 pm

Teşvikiye: The Making of an Elite Neighborhood and Narratives of Nostalgia in Istanbul PDFLogo

Lecture by Dr. Leyla Neyzi, Sabancı University


Thursday, 25 March 2010, 6 pm

Cyberspace, Diaspora, and the Public Sphere: Gender and Eritrean Politics Online Trenner

Lecture by Prof. Victoria Bernal, University of California, Irvine, USA


Thursday, 25 February 2010, 6 pm

How to Bring a Global Perspective on Gender? PDFLogo

Lecture by Prof Mrinalini Sinha, Pennsylvania State University, USA


Thursday, 28 January 2010, 6 pm

Gender and Globalization: 'Islamic Fashion' in Cyberspace PDFLogo

Lecture by Prof. Annelies Moors, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands


Islam und Gesellschaft in Zentralasien

Series of Events at Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO)


Tuesday, 12 October 2010, 5 pm, ZMO

Islam und Staat im postsowjetischen Kasachstan PDFLogo

Lecture by Dr. Alikhan Baimenov, a. o. Founder of the Democratic Party„Ak Zhol“, Moderation: Dr. Dina Wilkowsky (ZMO)


Wednesday, 15 December 2010, 5 pm, ZMO

The Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan: On the specifics of post-Soviet Islamic dynamics PDFLogo

Lecture by Dr. Muhiddin Kabiri (Tajikistan), Moderation: Dr. Dina Wilkowsky (ZMO)


Die Welt in Weltkriegen - Erfahrungen, Wahrnehmungen und Perspektiven aus Afrika und Asien PDFLogo

Series of Events at Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO)


Friday, 23 April 2010, 6 pm, ZfL, Schützenstrasse 18, 10117 Berlin, Room 308

Sensible Forschungsthemen – Sensible Quellen PDFLogo

Lecture and discussion about sensitive source material, with Prof. em. Werner Ende, Dr. Patrick Bernhard (Friedrich-Meinecke-Institut, FU), Dr. habil. Katrin Bromber (ZMO) and Dr. Heike Liebau (ZMO)


Thursday, 6 Mayi 2010,6 pm, HU zu Berlin, Dorotheenstr. 24, 10117 Berlin, Room 1.505

Imperiale Propaganda und kriegsbedingte Mobilität - Afrikanische Kriegsteilnehmer im Zweiten Weltkrieg PDFLogo

Joint Lecture by Dr. habil. Katrin Bromber (ZMO) and Prof. Brigitte Reinwald (Universität Hannover)


Tuesday, 11 May 2010, 6pm, CMB, Friedrichstr. 191, 10117 Berlin

The Arabs and the Holocaust: The Arab–Israeli War of Narratives PDFLogo

Lecture by Prof. Gilbert Achcar (SOAS), Moderation: Prof. Ulrike Freitag (ZMO), in Cooperation with the Centre Marc Bloch (CMB)


Tuesday, 18 May 2010, 6 pm, ZfL, Schützenstrasse 18, 10117 Berlin, Room 308

Deutsche Agenten bei iranischen Stämmen 1942 - 1944.
Ein Augenzeugenbericht

Lecture by Dr. Burkhard Ganzer (formerly ZMO)


Thursday, 20 May 2010, 6 pm, HU zu Berlin, Dorotheenstr. 24, 10117 Berlin, Room 1.505

Strategien der Zusammenarbeit: Aspekte politischer und militärischer Kollaboration zwischen indischen Nationalisten und der deutschen Außenpolitik zwischen 1914 und 1945 PDFLogo

Panel discussion with Dr. Heike Liebau (ZMO), Dr. Benjamin Zachariah (ZMO) and Dr. Joachim Oesterheld (HU Berlin)


Tuesday, 22 June 2010, 6 pm, TU Berlin, Main Building, Straße des 17. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin, Room H 1058

Confronting Fascism in Egypt: Dictatorship Versus Democracy in the 1930s PDFLogo

Lecture by Prof. Israel Gershoni (Tel Aviv Universität), in Cooperation with the Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung (ZfA)


Thursday, 24 June 2010, 6 pm, ZMO

Rethinking (the Absence of) Fascism in India, c. 1922 - 1945 PDFLogo

Lecture by Dr. Benjamin Zachariah (ZMO)


Wednesday, 30 June 2010, 6 pm, ZMO

Turks in Weimar and Nazi Germany PDFLogo

Lecture by Prof. Marc David Baer (ZMO)


Ottoman Urban Studies Seminar 2010/11 PdfLogo (every second monday)

Annual Theme: Urban Violence

December 2: Introduction by Nelida Fuccaro (SOAS, London), Ulrike Freitag (ZMO) and Nora Lafi (ZMO)

December 13: Fanatics? Foreigners, Notables and Officials in Djeddah's Urban Disorders of the 1850s by Philippe Petriat (Université de Paris I Sorbonne)

January 10: Rebels and their Rivals in a Syrian Town (1920s) by Michael Provence (Alexander von Humboldt Fellow, ZMO)

January 24: A Glimpse into Infanticide Cases in Nineteenth Century Ottoman Cities by Gulhan Balsoy (Fellow of Europe in the Middle East – The Middle East in Europe 2010/11)

February 7: The March 1909 Riots in Istanbul: Reform, Reaction, Islam and Clashing Political Strategies by Zeynep Turkyilmaz (Fellow of Europe in the Middle East – The Middle East in Europe 2010/11)

February 21: Fluid Identities and Violent Alliances: Localism versus Class in the Urban Violence of Interwar al-Mahalla al-Kubra – Egypt by Hanan Hammad (Texas Christian University; Fellow of Europe in the Middle East – The Middle East in Europe 2010/11)

March 7: From Shanghai to Yug-2: Violence and the Urban Youth of a Bishkek Neighbourhood by Philipp Schröder (MPI für Ethnologische Forschung, Halle)

March 21 : Urban Mobs in Early 19th Century Istanbul: the Besiktas Rebellion (September 1807) and the Çardak Incidents (May 1808) by Aysel Yıldız (Sabancı University)

April 11: Urban Violence in Shihr (Yemen): Space and Identities by Sylvaine Camelin (Université Paris X Nanterre)

May 2: To Whom Belong the Streets? Investment in Public Space and Popular Contentions in Late Ottoman Damascus by Till Grallert (Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies)

May 16: The Civic Domestication Process of Urban Factional Violence in Late Middle-Ages Italian Cities by Patrick Boucheron (Université Paris I Sorbonne)

June 6: Conclusion: Nelida Fuccaro (SOAS, London), Ulrike Freitag (ZMO) and Nora Lafi (ZMO)


Ottoman Urban Studies Seminar 2009/10 PdfLogo (every second monday)

November 9, 2009: Introduction - Ulrike Freitag and Nora Lafi

November 16, 2009: Munir Kamal Fakher Eldin (Majdal Shams; Fellow of EUME 2009/10): The City, the Valley, and the Nation: on a post-Ottoman ‘land settlement’ in Mandate Palestine, 1921-1948 PdfLogo

December 7, 2009: Mark Levine (University of California, Irvine / CMES Lund): Tel Aviv as a Colonial Post-Ottoman City PdfLogo

January 11, 2010: Ellinor Morack (FU Berlin, Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies): The housing Question in Post-Ottoman Izmir and the Population exchange with Greece, 1924-30 PdfLogo

January 25, 2010: Nazan Maksudyan (Istanbul Technical University; Fellow of EUME 2009/10): Changing Social Roles in Post-Ottoman Istanbul: a Gendered Approach PdfLogo

February 8, 2010: Nabila Oulebsir (Université de Poitiers): French City or Ottoman ? The Patrimonial Debate in 19th c. and early 20th c. Algiers PdfLogo

April 19, 2010: Kirsten Scheid (American University in Beirut; Fellow of EUME 2009/10): Erasure and Distortion: The Ottoman Memory in Contemporary Beirut Art Production PdfLogo

April 26, 2010: Kyle Evered (Michigan State University): Ankara: the Republican Urban Project and the Ottoman Heritage PdfLogo

May 10, 2010: Zeynep Celik (New-Jersey Institute of Technology): Colonial Algiers and the Ottoman Heritage: Planning, Architecture and Governance PdfLogo

May 31, 2010: Zeynep Aygen (University of Portsmouth): ‘Life After the Ottomans: Heritage and the New National Urban Narrative in Post-Ottoman Cities of the Balkans’

June 14, 2010: Katherine Fleming (New-York University): Changing Identities in Post-Ottoman SalonicaPdfLogo

June 28, 2010: Sait Ozervarli (Yildiz Technical University): Intellectual dimensions of continuity and transformation in post-Ottoman Istanbul PdfLogo

July 12, 2010: Conclusion - Ulrike Freitag and Nora Lafi


The ZMO-Baraza – Presentation and discussion sessions in Swahili

Since the winter term 2009/10 the ZMO-baraza has been jointly organized by Kai Kresse (ZMO, Berlin) and Lutz Diegner (Humboldt University, Berlin). Unless otherwise announced, it takes place at the ZMO every first Thursday of the month at 4pm.


Next Events:

Thursday, 3rd February 2011, 4 pm, ZMO

Muhamadi Kijuma, mshairi kutoka kisiwa cha Lamu: maisha yake na tungo zake

Baraza with Clarissa Vierke (Bayreuth)


Thursday, 6th January 2011, 4 pm, ZMO

Harakati za wahubiri wa Kiislamu nchini Tanzania na Kenya

Baraza with Ahmed Chanfi (Berlin)


Thursday, 2nd December 2010, 4 pm, ZMO

HOWANI MWANA HOWANI: utungaji wa kiswahili wa wanawake

Baraza with Ridder Samsom (Hamburg)


Thursday, 4th November 2010, 4 pm, ZMO

Maisha yangu Ujerumani enzi za vita baridi

Baraza with Vitale Kazimoto (Berlin)


Thursday, 24 June 2010, 4 pm, ZMO

Falsafa ya Mwana-Bukhalasi katika "Utendi wa Masahibu"– The philosophy of Mwana Bukhalasi’s poem "Utendi wa Masahibu" (An Epical Poem on Adversity)

baraza with Prof. Hamza M. Njozi (Muslim University of Morogoro, Tanzania)  


Thursday, 3 June 2010, 4 pm, ZMO

Twen'zetu Mtandaoni - Freddy Macha, msanii wa vipaji vingi Let’s return home to the internet – Freddy Macha, an artist with many talents

baraza with Dr. Lutz Diegner (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)


Monday, 3 May 2010, 4 pm, ZMO

Uzinduzi wa kitabu cha kusikiliza: Tafsiri ya Kijerumani ya riwaya ya "Mzimu wa watu wa Kale" ya Mohamed Said Abdullah- Audio book launch and German translation of Mohamed Said Abdullah's Detective Story "Mzimu wa watu wa kale" (Shrine of the Ancestors, 1960)

baraza with Guido Korzonnek (Berlin)


Thursday, 11 March 2010, 4 pm, ZMO

Usomaji wa mshairi Abdilatif Abdalla - A Reading by the poet Abdilatif Abdalla

baraza with Abdilatif Abdalla (Universität Leipzig)


Tuesday, 9 March 2010, 4 pm, ZMO

Hotuba na mazungumzo na Mzee Abdilatif Abdalla kuhusu fasihi yake ya Kiswahili, maisha yake na harakati zake za kisiasa - Special English Talk and discussion round with Abdilatif Abdalla: about his writing, his life and his political activism

baraza with Abdilatif Abdalla (Universität Leipzig)


Thursday, 4 February 2010, 4 pm, ZMO

Sauti ya Haki: Mazungumzo kuhusu gazeti ya Kiislamu iliyochapishwa Mombasa (1972-82) - Sauti ya Haki: "The Voice of Justice": an Islamic, Kenyan Journal (1972-82)

baraza with Kai Kresse (ZMO, Berlin)


Thursday, 7 January 2010, 4 pm, ZMO

Omar Babu Marjan’s  "Pendo la Siri"  na Prisca Jerono´s "Usaliti"- An analysis of 's "Pendo la Siri" ("The Love of the Secret") and Prisca Jerono's "Usaliti" (The betrayal)

Students of Africa Studies present short-stories by Omar Babu Marjan and Prisca Jerono.


In the Context of the EUME-Seminar 2009/10 "Language an Citizenship" PdfLogo:

Wednesday, 6 January 2010, 6 pm, Villa Jaffé, Wallotstr. 10, Berlin

Orphans into Citizens

Lecture by Nazan Maksudyan (EUME-Fellow 2009/10) and Introduction by Prof. Ulrike Freitag, ZMO


Wednesday, 3 February 2010, 6 pm, Villa Jaffé, Wallotstr. 10, Berlin

Religious Secularism

Lecture by Ghada Al-Madbouh (EUME-Fellow 2009/10) and Introduction by Dr. Dyala Hamzah, ZMO


Thursdays, 2 pm in WS 2009/10, Universität Bayreuth, Raum S 120 (GW I, Main Campus)


Colloquium with different lectures, among others: Dr. Kai Kresse (ZMO), Dr. Nora Lafi (ZMO) and Dr. Chanfi Ahmed (ZMO);
for detailed information please check the programme PDFLogo


Thursday, 21. Januar 2010, 2 pm, Universität Bayreuth, Raum S 120 (GW I, Main Campus)

A directed landscape: thoughts about war and mobility from East Africa to South Asia in World War II

Lecture by PD Dr. Katrin Bromber (ZMO)
In context of the Colloquium Africa and Beyond: Translocal Perspectives PDFLogo


Wednesday, 28. April 2010, 6.30 pm, HU zu Berlin, Institut für Asien- und Afrikawissenschaften, Invalidenstrasse 118, 10115 Berlin, Room 410

Imperiale Propaganda und Sprachnormierung: Die swahilisprachige
Militärpresse im Zweiten Weltkrieg

Lecture by PD Dr. Katrin Bromber (ZMO)

In context of the Colloquium at the HU "Afrikawissenschaften aus interdisziplinärer PerspektivePDFLogo


Single Events

Thursday, 9 December 2010, 6 pm, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung, 10117 Berlin,
Schumannstr. 8

Son of Babylon Link

Filmpresentation and Talk with a.o.: Karin Mlodoch (Haukari e.V.) and Dr. Barik Schuber (Chairman of "Al Rafidain" e.V); Moderation: Andrea Fischer-Tahir (ZMO)


Thursday, 9 December 2010, 6 pm

Primacy of the Master or Primacy of the Evidence? Competing Approaches to Islamic Knowledge in Africa PDFLogo

Lecture by Prof. Rüdiger Seesemann, Northwestern University Evanston


Wednesday, 1. December 2010, 7 pm, Landesvertretung Baden-Württemberg, Tiergartenstraße 15, 10785 Berlin

Kontrastprogramm - Konfliktintervention durch künstlerische Aktionen? PDFLogo

Paneldiscussion a.o. with Andrea Fischer-Tahir (ZMO), Thomas Engel (Deutsches Zentrum des Internationalen Theaterinstituts) and Jochen Hippler, (Institut für Entwicklung und Frieden, Universität Duisburg-Essen)
Moderation: Ulrike Brödermann (ZDF-Hauptstadtstudio)


Wednesday, 17 November 2010, Auswärtiges Amt, Fritz-Kolbe Saal, Am Werderschen Markt 1, 10117 Berlin

Jidda im 19. Jahrhundert - eine Hafenstadt im Wandel PDFLogo

Lecture by Prof. Ulrike Freitag, ZMO

In Context of the Lecture Series Archäologie - Geschichte - Kultur Zivilisationen in der Wüste: Neue Forschungen in Saudi-Arabien Link


Saturday, 6 November 2010, Werkstatt der Kulturen, Wissmannstraße 32, 12049 Berlin, Seminarraum 1

Panel Discussion: „Migranten - Fremdbilder und Selbstdarstellung“ Link

a.o. with Mokhtar Shehata and Dr. Samuli Schielke (ZMO);
Moderatorin: Irit Neidhardt

In Context of the Arab Filmfestival Berlin Link


Wednesday, 6th October 2010, 7 pm, Neues Stadthaus, Otto-Suhr-Saal, Parochialstrasse 3, 10179 Berlin-Mitte

Keynotelectures of the international Workshop "Under Construction: The Material and Symbolic Meaning of Architecture and Infrastructure in the Gulf Region" PDFLogo

Lectures by Michael Schindhelm (former Consult of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, Government of Dubai, VAE) and Prof. Michael Schwarz (Faculty of Engineering, Ajman University of Science and Technology, VAE), Moderation: PD Dr. Katrin Bromber (ZMO)
Overview on the international Workshop "Under Construction" Link


Wednesday, 22 September 2010, 5.30 pm. Zentrum für Kultur- und Literaturforschung, Schützenstr. 18, 10117 Berlin, Raum 308

Die Memoiren einer Prinzessin im Harem des persischen Schahs Link

Reading with Elisabeth Blonzen

In cooperation with the internationales literaturfestival berlin Link


Monday, 20 September 2010, 7 pm, Gartensaal des Karlsruher Schlosses, Karlsruhe

Public Lecture zum Anna-Lindh-Report 2010 Link

Open Discussion with a.o. Gianluca Solera (Anna-Lindh-Stiftung), Dr. Sonja Hegasy, (ZMO) and Ayse Özbabacan (Staabsstelle für Integrationspolitik Stuttgart);
Moderation: Anna Koktsidou (SWR)


Sunday, 19 September 2010, 6.30 pm, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Konferenzraum 2, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, 10557 Berlin

Hassouna Mosbahi lässt in seinem Roman »Rückkehr nach Tarschisch« nordafrikanische Vergangenheit und Gegenwart lebendig werden Link

Reading with Roland Schäfer, Moderation: Samuel Shimon

In cooperation with the internationales literaturfestival berlin Link


Thursday, 16 September 2010, 7 pm, Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, Dorotheenstraße 12, 10117 Berlin

Global Mufti – medialer Islam von Yusuf al-Qaradawi Link

Book presentation and discussion with Dr. Bettina Gräf (ZMO), Prof. Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen (Universität Kopenhagen) and Prof. Gudrun Krämer (FU Berlin); Moderation: Dr. Andreas Beckmann (Journalist)

In cooperation with the internationales literaturfestival berlin Link


Sunday, 12 September 2010, 1 pm, ZMO

Der Tag des offenen Denkmals am Mittelhof - Landhaus und Landhausgarten

The ZMO and the Historische Kommision invite you to the Open Day


Saturday, 11 September 2010, 4 pm, S- Bhf Savignyplatz, Ecke Bleibtreustraße

Inder in Berlin während des ersten Weltkriegs - Führung rund um den Savignyplatz PDFLogo

In the context of Tag des offenen Denkmals invites the Gesellschaft zur Förderung des ZMO e.V. to a walk with a guide by Heike Liebau (ZMO)


Tuesday, 13 July 2010, 6pm, ZMO

Considerations on Society through Saudi Women’s Art PDFLogo

Lecture by Prof. Maha A. Alsenan, Princess Nora Bint Abdurrahman University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Wednesday, 30 June 2010, 7.30 pm, Haus der Kulturen der Welt

Arabischer Weltgeist im Aufbruch? - Zum Tod von Mohammed Abed Al-Jabri Link

Discussion with Dr. Reginald Grünenberg (Editor of Perlen Verlags), Dr. Sonja Hegasy (ZMO), Nabil Bushnaq (Founder of Ibn Rushd Fund), Stefan Weidner (Editor in Chief of the Magazine Fikrun wa Fann), Dr. Vincent von Wroblewsky (Philosoph and Translator of „Kritik der arabischen Vernunft – Die Einführung“), Introduction by Harald Steinhausen (Perlen Verlag)


Wednesday, 30 June 2010, 6 pm, HU zu Berlin, Invalidenstrasse 118, Room 410, 10115 Berlin

(Documentary by Jihan el-Tahri, France, 2007)

To the 50th Anniversary of the independence of the Congo shows the library of the ZMO the ARTE France-production


Tuesday, 29 June 2010, 7.30 pm, Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin, Wallotstraße 19, 14193 Berlin

Carl Heinrich Becker Lecture der Fritz Thyssen Stiftung: Islam and the Politics of Gender: Reflections on Afghanistan PDFLogo

Lecture by Deniz Kandiyoti (SOAS, London), Introduction by Wolf Lepenies (WiKo) and Ulrike Freitag (ZMO)


Tuesday, 8 June 2010, 7 pm, Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut, Simón-Bolívar-Saal, Potsdamer Str. 37, 10785 Berlin

Zur gegenwärtigen Theorie der Interkulturalität: Perspektiven aus Mexiko Link

Lecture by Bertold Bernreuter, Moderation: Dr. Kai Kresse (ZMO)


Tuesday, 25 May 2010, 6 pm, ZfA, Raum TEL 811, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin

The Dönme and Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theories in the Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic PDFLogo

Lecture by Prof. Marc David Baer (ZMO)


Wednesday, 5 May 2010, 8 pm, ZfL, Schützenstr. 18, 10117 Berlin, Room 308

Der verstellte Blick. Bedingungen und Perspektiven gegenwärtiger Kulturforschung Link

Discussion with Renate Haas (Institut für Kulturanalyse Berlin), Sonja Hegasy (ZMO), Andreas Pflitsch (ZfL), Moderation: Ines Kappert (die tageszeitung)


Monday, 3 May 2010, 6 pm, ZfL, Schützenstraße 18, 10117 Berlin, Room 308

Saudi-Arabien - Ein Königreich im Wandel?
eds. by Prof. Ulrike Freitag (Paderborn 2010)

Bookpresentation and Discussion with an Introduction by Prof. Ulrike Freitag, ZMO


Thursday, 15 April 2010, 6 pm, ZfL, Schützenstraße 18, 10117 Berlin, Room 308

The Return of Zionism: Myths, Politics and Scholarship in Israel PdfLogo

Lecture by Gabriel Piterberg, UCLA, moderated by Prof. Marc Baer (ZMO)

Neu: Documentation of the event at Link


Thursday, 8 April 2010, 5.30 pm, Geisteswissenschaftliche Zentren Berlin, Schützenstraße 18, 10117 Berlin, Room 308

Media, Homeland, and Community in Islamic and Area Studies: A Social History and Emerging Trends PdfLogo

Lecture by Prof. Dale Eickelman, Dartmouth College and WIKO Berlin

In context of the conference Zeit für Medialisierung PdfLogo and in cooperation with the ZMO


Wednesday, 24 March 2010, 5.30 pm, Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung.
Schützenstraße 18, 10117 Berlin, Konferenzsaal

Islam in Kasachstan: Traditionen und aktuelle Entwicklungstendenzen PDFLogo

Lecture by Sheich Abdsattar Haji Derbissali, Grand Mufti and Chairman of the Relegious Administration of Muslims of Kazakhstan, and with Moderation by Dr. Dina Wilkowsky (ZMO)


Thursday, 18 March 2010, 6 pm, ZMO

Der Begriff „Globale Gerechtigkeit“ bei Henry Odera Oruka - Eine afrikanische Perspektive auf ein brennendes Problem PDFLogo

Lecture by Dr. Anke Graneß, Presentation by Kai Kresse (ZMO)


Monday, 22 February 2010, 7 pm, ZfL, Schützenstraße 18 - 10117 Berlin, Room 308

Parental Authority, Sexuality and Generation between Maghreb and Mashreq” PdfLogo

Public Talk and Discussion with Rita El Khayat and Michael Roes


Wednesday, 17 February 2010, 6 pm, ZfA, Ernst-Reuter-Platz 7, 10587 Berlin, Room 811

The Founding Myths of Turkish Antisemitism PdfLogo

Lecture by Rifat Bali (EPHE). The discussion will be moderated by Prof. Marc Baer (ZMO). In cooperation with the Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung (ZfA)


Friday, 29 January 2010, 6 pm, ZMO
Annual lecture of "Gesellschaft zur Förderung des ZMO e. V."

Die andere Küste Ostafrikas - Translokale Topographien des Tanganyikasees vor 1900 PdfLogo

Lecture by Prof. Achim von Oppen, Universität Bayreuth


Thursday, 14 January 2010, 6 pm, Robert-Bosch-Stiftung, Bismarckstr. 71, 10627 Berlin

Istanbul, mon amour PdfLogo

Lecture by Nedim Gürsel


Friday, 8 January 2010, 6 pm, ZMO

New year's reception and opening of the exhibition 'Wissensstädte - Bibliotheken in Afrika'

Disclosure by Prof. Ulrike Freitag, Director of ZMO
Pictures of the new year's reception Link




Wissensstädte - Bibliotheken in Afrika PdfLogo

An Exihibition about the History and the Present of Libaries in African Cities

At ZMO from 11 January to 31 July 2010,
on weekdays: 10 am to 4 pm.



Photodocumentation: "Vom Leben nach Anfal" PdfLogo

An Exhibitionn by HAUKARI e.V., the Association for International Cooperation

At ZMO from 5th December 2010 to 22nd January 2011, on weekdays: 10 am to 4 pm.

Anfal Titelbild

Conferences and Symposia

15th - 17th December 2010, ZMO and Institute for Asian and African Studies, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Invalidenstraße 118

Religious Dynamics in Central Asia: Islam in Focus Link

Symposia organized by Prof. Manja Stephan (HU Berlin), a. o. with: Dr. Dina Wilkowsky (ZMO) and Sophie Roche (ZMO)


November 11th-13th 2010, Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle, Franckeplatz 1 Haus 1

Palm leaves, books and internet in India.
Mutual displacement or co-existenc

Internationaler workshop of the Franckesche Stiftungen zu Halle in
cooperation with Zentrum Moderner Orient Berlin


Oktober 14th - 16th 2010, Institut du Monde Arabe, Ecole normale supérieure, Paris, France

Silvestre de Sacy (1758-1838) - Le projet européen d'une science orientaliste PdfLogo

International Symposium organized by Michel Espagne, Nora Lafi, Pascale Rabault-Feuerhahn and supported by the CNRS-Ecole normale supérieure, the Institut du Monde Arabe and the ZMO.
Complete Programme of the Symposium PdfLogo


October 7th - 10th 2010, ZMO

Under Construction: The Material and Symbolic Meaning of Architecture and
Infrastructure in the Gulf Region

International workshop organized by PD Dr. Katrin Bromber (ZMO), Dr. Steffen Wippel (ZMO) and Prof. Birgit Krawietz (FU Berlin)


Thurday, 23rd September 2010, ZMO

“Indian agrarian and peasant history – a challenge to current research”

Workshop organized by Dr. Heike Liebau and in honour of our former colleague Petra Heidrich (13. November 1940 - 31. Januar 2006)


September 20th - 24th 2010, Philipps-Universität Marburg

17. DAVO Congress / 31. German Congress of Oriental Studies Link

The German Oriental Studies Congress takes place regularly every third year. It is the most prominent conference of Oriental Studies Germany convened by the The Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft . Researchers and academics from various disciplines of Asian, African and Middle Eastern Studies participate.


July 19th – 24th 2010, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Barcelona, Spain

WOCMES 2010 - World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies Link

After the highly successful experiences of the two previous WOCMES meetings held in Mainz (Germany) in 2002 Link and in Amman (Jordan) in 2006 Link, WOCMES Barcelona 2010 Link will bring this unique event within the Mediterranean region.
The conference is organised by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed), the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and the Government of Catalonia.


15th - 17th July 2010, Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO), Berlin

Identifying New Themes in South Asian History PdfLogo

Workshop organized by Aditya Sarkar (University of Göttingen), Anna Sailer (University of Göttingen), Maria Framke (Jacobs University, Bremen) and Nitin Sinha (ZMO, Berlin)


30th June - 2nd July 2010, Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO), Berlin

‘Out of place’ or ‘Belonging’? Exile, Hijra and Communities PdfLogo

Workshop organized by Heike Liebau (ZMO), Ben Zachariah (ZMO) and Chanfi Ahmed (ZMO), in Cooperation with the Sheffield Exile Groupe lead by Dr. Martial Staub, University of Sheffield


24th - 25th June 2010, Zentrum Moderner Orient (ZMO), Berlin

“Configurations of Muslim Traditions in European Public Spheres” PdfLogo

Workshop of the Internationalisation Network in Cooperation with the NORFACE-Program „The Emergence of Islamic Fashion in Europe“


May 23rd - 26th 2010, Tel Aviv

Arab Responses to Fascism and Nazism, 1933–1945: Reappraisals and New Directions PdfLogo

Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation (ISF), Department of Middle Eastern and African History, the Tel Aviv University and the Open University of Israel, with a. o.: Dr. Sonja Hegasy (ZMO), René Wildangel (ZMO), Prof. Peter Wien (University of Maryland)


April 8th - 10th 2010, GWZ Berlin, Schützenstraße 18, 10117 Berlin

Zeit für Medialisierung PdfLogo

Conference about "Medien und Transkulturelle Kommunikation in den Islam- und Regionalwissenschaften" organized by a. o. Dr. Bettina Gräf (FU Berlin)


25th - 26th March 2010, Durham University, UK

Urban History Conference 2010: Transgressive Cities: Practices and Place PdfLogo

Conference a.o. with lectures by Nora Lafi (ZMO) und Florian Riedler (ZMO) in the panel Ottoman Microcosms: Social Norms, their Transgression, and the Urban Space